There are several varieties of Dates are cultivated in Iran, because of their tastes and shapes, compose the major kinds. Some of the important types of Dates are listed as:
Mazafati (Rotab)*
*In the type of the Mazafati, is willing to pick it in “Fresh Date” stage; because of its high moisture content. This is why this dates have to be refrigerated. But other types which are picked in “Ripe Date” stage, have lost their moisture content, and do not spoil at room temperature.

Date Syrup

Dates syrup is a natural and healthy sweetener made of selected fresh dates and it can be used in several industries such as bakery, beverage, confectionary and kids meal.
Taste: Sweet Physical properties:
• Brix: 70% +/-2
• Color: Dark Brown (Reddish)
• liquid Area under cultivation: South of Iran
The quantity of per container 20 FCL: 15 MT drum, 40 FCL 20 MT drum.
Type of Packing: 25 kg buckets or 200 L drums
Shelf Life: 2 years Date Paste

Date Paste

The ultimate natural sweetener The Paste made of premium pitted Dates and widely used in many food industries across the world.
Taste: Mild and sweet
Consumers: food service, Bakery, Confectionery, cereal, restaurants.
The quantity of per container 20 FCL: 20 MT, 40 FCL 28 MT.
Type of Packing: 10 and 20 kg Boxes
Shelf Life: Twenty Four months under temperature controlled conditions: 45F / 8 C

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