A delicious variety of dates perfect for so many uses. Carefully cultivated in Iran, producing the best tastes, shapes and choices on the market. More…


Superb flavours and a fascinating fragrance from this beautiful purple coloured flower. A natural product, you won’t find better quality anywhere. more…


Plump and succulent raisins from freshly picked, high quality grapes. Available in a range of different types and colours depending on the type of grape and the drying process. more…


Pomegranate, apple, peach, pear, apricot and more – these flavours are freshly harvested to produce the distinctive, tangy taste and quality that you’ll only find with Iralia. more…


Iralia is your leading importer of and supplier of quality food products with a focus on authentic Middle Eastern foods. more…


Shop the best selection of barberry bushes several types. more…

Saffron Wholesaler Brisbane


The true flavours of nature are at the heart of everything we supply at Iralia.

Saffron Wholesaler Brisbane


Service is number one at Iralia. We strive to meet your every demand – and we go even further than that. Many of our clients have special requests, such as rare ingredients and customised packaging using your own private labels. We love a challenge at Iralia and will go out of our way to make sure your requests are met and that the service you receive from Iralia is always absolutely tops.

Saffron Wholesaler Brisbane


At Iralia we want to keep you coming back for more. And there’s no better way to do that than ensure everything you buy from us is of the finest quality. We carefully source our products from a pool of hundreds of international suppliers. Hand selected, Iralia has found the suppliers and manufacturers of food products that bring you the very best there is to offer.

Saffron Wholesaler Brisbane


You search for flavours that are fascinating flavours that add zing to recipes or that extra dimension to meals. Nothing is more flavoursome than the products and ingredients imported by Iralia. Just a small sample will convince you that you have come to the right place when you order from Iralia.

Saffron Wholesaler Brisbane


Choosing Iralia means availing your business of a diverse and wonderful range of products from bulk nuts and dates to packed jams and pickles right through to fruit purees and delicious concentrates.

About us

You’re looking for a supplier who can give you the genuine flavours of the Middle East, backed up by reliability, top quality and on-time service every time. Iralia is leading the way in bringing the Middle East to you through experienced distributors who understand the craftmanship that can only come from thousands of years of history to create the products and flavours we bring to you today.

Our export branch sources the best Australian produce and exports it anywhere in the world. Fresh and preserved agricultural products and food-lines freshly packed and carefully prepared for export.

Iralia bridges the cultures, bringing these traditional and unique tastes to you through top-line service and genuine products that cannot be equalled anywhere.

Saffron Wholesaler Brisbane

Saffron is unarguably the most costly spice on the planet. It’s normally sold in a couple of grams or ounces as only a couple of red strings of this aromatic and delicate plant make up a couple of grams but a saffron wholesaler Brisbane can charge you thousands of dollars for it. Such pricing makes saffron more costly than gold today. That is the reason it’s commonly called “red gold.” IRALIA the leading saffron wholesaler Brisbane in Australia explains why this spice is so expensive.


Contrasted with different plants that can be found in large areas worldwide and still produce a similar quality, the saffron plant is very sensitive and thrives in only certain areas. Saffron wholesaler Brisbanes IRALIA source most of their saffron from Iran which is well known for the best quality of saffron.

Extraction procedure

Till date, there is no automated method for saffron wholesaler Brisbane and workers to securely extract saffron stigmata from the bloom. Since the strings themselves are so sensitive, each and every one of them must be removed delicately and gently by hand. After removal from the bloom, the stigmata are expertly dried rapidly to hold their dark red shading, one of a kind flavour, and prevent moisture during packaging. The blossoms are very small and grow near to the ground making the whole procedure harder.

High demand

Experts of fine dining can vouch for the exceptional impact of saffron flavour in cooking, its medical advantages, and different uses. Indeed, even as far back as the medieval times, the old Greeks utilized it and so did the Chinese and the Romans for fragrance, material colour, and in therapeutic treatments.

As leading saffron wholesaler Brisbanes we cater to all types of customers requiring saffron for bulk usage and can procure large quantities with ease. Our saffron wholesaler Brisbane packs are available in 1 gram, 2 gram, 3 gram, 5 gram, 10 gram, 25 gram, 100 gram, 500 gram, 1kg and 5 kg. The general harvest time is between September and October and shelf life is 24-36 months depending on packaging method.

Our Product

At Iralia, our mission is to bring you premium quality food at affordable prices. We scour the world to find the best suppliers in every category from dates and raisins to nuts and fruit purees. We know our products are top quality because we have visited each and every one of our suppliers to ensure that what we deliver to you is the best it can be – always. Check out our catalogue for the complete range – over 550 products. On our website you will find the most popular of these items. 


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Superb flavours and a fascinating fragrance from this beautiful purple coloured flower. A natural product, you won’t find better quality anywhere. SaffronRead More


Carefully selected for quality and freshness, 100% natural and raw dates contain no additives, preservatives or GMO’s and are allergen free. Dates Whole or... Read More


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